Psychic Dreams and The MetaStory

A Note To Ebook Readers

Dreaming The Future compares documented dreams to later events with which they share inexplicable common ground. Given our tendency to downplay evidence of “the impossible,” it’s important that readers be able to grasp all the striking similarities. So for the paperback version of the book, I chose a larger format (7” x 10”) that allows the relevant text and images to be displayed on two facing pages.

Ebooks are a different matter, and doing justice to the parallels on small screens has been a challenge. So I've extracted from the book the raw evidence, and condensed it for easy viewing as a PDF document. After printing this companion (or while viewing it on a separate, larger, screen), you can easily study each dream and matching event while reading ahead in the book’s commentary.

To download and print The Evidence At A Glance, please use the password provided on one of the last pages of your copy of Dreaming The Future.


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