Psychic Dreams and The MetaStory

Premonitions and Precognitive Dreams

Dreams That Come True: A Phenomenon Reconsidered

Thinking about my experiment in precognitive dreaming takes me back to a memorable period in my life, a time when I began opening up to possibilities—realities, as I see them now—I had long dismissed out of hand.

But writing a book about my dream project was exciting for another reason as well. Because the farther into it I got, the more I realized that much of what I was saying was new. In a word, I suspected that Dreaming The Future would be a pretty wild ride, even for readers well-versed in the phenomenon.

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Dreaming The Future

When I was in my mid-forties, something happened that was, to say the least, unexpected. I noticed that many of my nightly dreams were coming true. The predicted events were odd, even bizarre, and often occurred just minutes after awakening.

Understand: I’m not saying my dreams vaguely resembled experiences I would soon have. I’m saying they matched them, in ways that left little doubt something inexplicable was going on.

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