Psychic Dreams and The MetaStory

Logistics (find my keys, documents, etc.)

Logistics (my keys, documents, Mac, passwords, etc.)


MY HOUSE (and car) KEYS. You’ll find them in the laundry room that sits between the front and rear units of this duplex. To get there:

  • Go to the front of the building on Short Avenue. (That’s 12959-1/2 Short Avenue, L.A. 90066. Strangely, the unit with the whole number—12959—is the rear unit, where I live. )
  • Walk through the chain link gate, up to the front of the house. If the wooden gate is open, or opens easily, that means my long-time neighbor and friend, Paul Farley, is probably home. In which case, knock on his door, and tell him why you’re there. His phone number, should you need it, is 310-968-2159.
  • If the wooden gate appears to be locked, that means Paul may not be home. But you can open it anyway. Just stick your head up onto the porch area, look to your right, and with your left hand, squeeze open the ring (sort of like a key ring) that keeps the latch from opening, push the ring through, and remove it. Then you can open the latch and the gate.
  • Enter, and walk alongside the house. At the rear, to your left, is the laundry room. Walk inside, and if you look above the washer/dryer area you’ll see a 2-door cabinet.
  • Inside the cabinet is a brown plastic basket. And under that is where you’ll find the treasure! (Or if somebody beat you to it, just my keys.)

The solid key is for my gate (which faces onto the rear alley), the key with three cutouts opens the door to my apartment. The “ilco” key is for my 1981 blue Honda Accord, usually parked on Lyceum and usually covered. (I bought it new and have been driving it ever since.)

IMPORTANT: Please return the keys to the same spot when you’re done so others can find them. And put that funny false lock back in place on the gate.

MY MACBOOK will either be easy to find inside my apartment, or under the love seat, near the bookcase. (I leave it there when I go out since it’s about the only thing here that might interest a burglar.) While in use, it’s normally above my desk, sitting on the books and grooved wooden base I use to raise it to eye level (as I stand in front of it). I hook it up to the hard drives on the shelves to the right, via the USB bus on my desk.

(The Mac G4 tower also works. It’s hooked up to the larger screen behind the laptop, and its password is “q”. I use it very rarely.)

SITE PASSWORDS. I store them in a folder on my Macbook called “Vacation Planning.” (To make it just a little harder for an intruder to access my entire life.) That’s: MBP2015HD: Dropbox: Vacation Planning. (I haven’t used Dropbox in ages, but I still have a folder with that name.)

DOCUMENT HARD COPIES. I keep them in the “First Alert” fireproof box under the desk. It’s unlocked. There are many personal documents towards the bottom of this box. But perhaps the only thing you’ll need is my handwritten will near the top, and maybe the Advance Directive. (Though a scan of the notarized original is online on a separate page on this site, and that should be sufficient.)