Psychic Dreams and The MetaStory

Students To Contact

Students to contact


I keep this list up-to-date so my students can be notified if/when I pass. Contact should be made immediately so no one arrives at my door (or Zoom “waiting room”) for their lesson only to be disappointed and left to wonder what’s happening.

Just click on an email address and a blank email addressed to that person will instantly appear in your mail app. (At least, that’s how it works on my MacBook.)

Please provide each person with the entire list of students. Should they choose to look for a teacher with a philosophy similar to mine, perhaps they can help each other in their search. (One option: paste the URL for this page into the email: )

Depending on how/when I pass, students may deserve a refund for lessons not yet given. This money can be provided out of my B of A account or MACU IRA, when you receive it. And the same is true for refunds of $25 or $30 (if any) requested by subscribers who are still within their 6-month subscription period. (More on this elsewhere on this site.)

NICO CONROY (the only kid on this list—all others are adults)
Parents (they’re divorced):
Linda Valachovic 310-804-1611
David Conroy 626-773-1384

MARY GEARY (My Skype student in Canada)

MENGFANG YANG (pronounced Mungfung)





How to handle is discussed elsewhere on this site.